Drupal is a world leading open source content management system and development framework which powers a large percentage of the worlds websites. Drupal is a modulated system allowing for simple and straightforward deployment of websites no matter how complex. It is well supported and sponsored and enjoys an active community around it.

We have been developing Drupal sites for over a decade, building websites directly for businesses and for design agencies looking to turn their PSD files into a full blown Drupal content management systems. While 99% of requirements can be usually be met by using core and contributed modules, we can also develop modules from the ground up should the need arise. Drupal lends itself particularly well to large enterprise level websites and complex systems.


We have worked with many organisations within Cornwall and beyond helping them with their online web presence. As well as developing websites for individuals, companies, local councils and non-profits, we also work with design agencies looking to turn their graphical designs into full websites. Long term relationships have been forged with many of our clients and we continue to support their online needs.

Whatever the end need, Drupal has proven to be a capable and versatile system no matter what the requirements.


Since the 1990's we have been creating websites. Over the years we have seen many new web technologies come and go and have witnessed a lot of trends. Some good, some not so good. We were also part of the first .com boom (and bust) and have amassed a good working knowledge, not just of website development, but also of online business practices.

We are advocators of open source software and use various Linux distros (currently Debian) for our daily work.


Phone: 07970 593543
Sticky Source Ltd, Trevennel, St Mawes, Cornwall.